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Friday, April 15, 2005

Morning and Evening is delayed again due to health problems. It will be back next week. I apologize and hope to have it on a regular schedule again after this weekend.

| | Posted at 10:04:21 AM | Entry #1057 |  

The Living Word is temporarily delayed due to health problems. It will be caught up by 4/17. I apologize.

| | Posted at 10:03:00 AM | Entry #1056 |  

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

The GodCast Network is pleased to welcome pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie to the network with his weekday A Time For Harvest podcast, featuring short, two-minute sound bites for daily living.

You can find more information on Pastor Greg and his ministry by visiting

| | Posted at 11:44:39 PM | Entry #928 |  

Morning and Evening will continue to be sporadic this week due to scheduling and production issues. Please bear with me.

| | Posted at 3:06:32 AM | Entry #919 |  

Friday, April 1, 2005

The Living Word celebrates its 100th edition today with new music and a change in format. Craig Anderson from She & I and Worship for Kids has contributed the new upbeat background track and the format has changed to look at how each verse can be applied to everyday life, bring new meaning to the "living" in The Living Word. We hope you enjoy the changes. If you'd like to send feedback just use the email icon on the left.

| | Posted at 1:21:55 AM | Entry #869 |  

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