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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Harvest Crusade has been updated for 10/25. (Visit the show's home page on the left to download the MP3.)

| | Posted at 11:58:16 PM | Entry #2790 |  

The Breakaway Christian Music Podcast has been updated for 10/25.

| | Posted at 11:44:50 PM | Entry #2788 |  

A Klingon Word from the Word has been updated for 10/25.

| | Posted at 11:33:23 PM | Entry #2786 |  

A Time for Harvest has been updated for 10/25.

| | Posted at 11:29:14 PM | Entry #2784 |  

Reflections has been updated for 10/25.

| | Posted at 11:15:43 PM | Entry #2782 |  

The Bored-Again Christian has been updated for 10/23.

| | Posted at 11:13:58 PM | Entry #2780 |  

The Whole Truth has been updated with a bonus podcast!

| | Posted at 11:10:03 PM | Entry #2778 |  

The Whole Truth has been updated for 10/25.

| | Posted at 11:06:58 PM | Entry #2776 |  

Once again we have a television/cable network doing a piece on TGN and looking for listeners to interview, this time from Southern California or the New York tristate area. If you're interested please send an email to tv @ as soon as possible with a brief description of how you're listening and where you're from. Thanks and God bless.

| | Posted at 10:56:42 PM | Entry #2774 |  

ICM Raw has been udpated for 10/23.

| | Posted at 2:20:43 AM | Entry #2773 |  

Reflections has been updated for 10/24.

| | Posted at 2:18:58 AM | Entry #2771 |  

The Whole Truth has been updated for 10/24.

| | Posted at 2:07:32 AM | Entry #2769 |  

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