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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Unbelievable...another forty-minute show, packed once again with great info including a stealth mic demo, what to look for in a web host, whether or not you need OPML, connecting Skype to phones, the legality of music in podcasts, an interview with Matthew Bischoff from ESC Radio, and more! Shout outs for this week's show go to Rick Wezowicz from ICM Raw, Christiaan Stoudt from Home Network Help, and Charlie Eastman.

Here (finally) are the show notes:

00:49Show overview
01:35Telephone recording adapters update
02:41Binaural stealth mics demo
06:28Selecting a podcasting web host
12:17OPML and podcasting
14:53Connecting phones to and from Skype
18:00Licensing music for your podcast (Part I)
24:39Interview w/Matthew Bischoff

And yes, another "spot the mistake" contest: At the beginning of the show I give a list of topics that will be covered in the show and this week one of them isn't covered. First person to identify the missing topic in a comment to this post wins a custom, professionally-produced sweeper for their podcast (or personal ego). Also, if you downloaded the show prior to 2/13 you can earn bonus points (but no prize) if you identify the most blatant error of all in this edition. (Hint: it comes very early on.)

My link disclaimer: While I can guarantee all content on to be family-safe I can make no such guarantees for content linked to outside the site. The initial page that I'm linking you to should be fine but other than that, as always on the web, proceed with caution!

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