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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Many people have pointed out that GarageBand is limited to a maximum recording time of 35 minutes. In fact, GarageBand is limited to 998 measures, so the actual length depends on how you configure your project when you create it. The default is 4/4 time, 120 bpm, which means that each measure gets 4 beats and there are 120 beats in a minute. This gives you 30 measures per minute and 998/30 is roughly 33 minutes.

To maximize the recording time, set the tempo to 40 (the lowest you can set it to) and the time to 7/4. When you do the math this works out to a maximum recording time of 174.65 minutes or almost 3 hours.

Note that you need to set these values when you first create your project. Attemping to change them in an existing project will cause some interesting results!

Also note that this obviously won't work if you are using Apple Loops or MIDI in your podcast as it will affect how they play back. To incorporate these simple create them in a separate project, export the tracks as AIFF files, then bring the AIFF files into your voice project. If you have a track that you're using as a soundbed (or background) that you need to extend to match your voice track, you can loop it just like you would an Apple Loop.

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